About Moxy

Early years

Born in Paris to an American father who was busy pioneering High Definition Television in Paris and to an English mother who amongst other things was dancing at the one and only Crazy Horse! I was pre destined to the arts although I chose law for my day job.

So what happenned?

I've had many passions in my life but recently I started cabaret dancing and have never looked back. I discovered the stage, the costumes, the community and the opportunity to tell all the stories I want to share. Naturally a chatty person, I have a LOT to say in my numbers and will do for some time yet!


Today, I live and work in Geneva. I am first and foremost a cabaret dancer but I also dabble in aerial hoop, pole, tap dancing and soon I hope to share some of my singing too. Watch this space!

p.s: Oh and when I am not busy being a lawyer and performing, I am running Tough Mudders (looove the mud) or doing cross border charity cycle races with my significant other :)