Cabaret chair dancer with gorilla hand


What's it about?

I'd had this song on my head for a while bu wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. It's a very sensual song and I wanted to find a message to go with it.

That message came in May 2018 after a disastrous business meeting during which a senior executive of the business we were visiting made repeated and unwelcome advances. Very little progress was made with the topic we were there to discuss and as I sat at the airport waiting for my flight, anger started boiling up inside. I knew I needed to find an outlet for it and at 35000 feet the answer came to me!

Gorilla is a very visual number representing the way (some) men like perceive women: object to behold and control but not to be heard! 

Of course that doesn't last long, I soon break free from the attempted oppression and enjoy my femininity as I want to.